Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Some mothers to 'ave 'em

Crazy old day! Sorry I haven't blogged yet this week, but I've been away. Went to see my first pantomime in decades! The Dame was great and wore wonderfully outrageous outfits and colourful wigs, and i particularly liked the striped stockings! It was meant to be Robinson Crusoe, but was absolutely nothing like the story! The children liked it and laughed a lot and there was the usual "look behind you" and "oh know I didn't - oh yes you did!".

Got home today ready to get on with some artwork and everything went wrong! Firstly I went to check something out in my loft I had left up there and found a pot of emulsion paint had spilled and covered EVERYTHING in the loft! It was still wet and so I spent an hour mopping up and cleaning everything and discovered how hard it is to take buckets of water up a narrow ladder into a loft space - on your own! Then I discovered I'd left my contact lens liquid at where I had stayed and so had to go out and get some more. To save time I got on a bus, which proceeded to take a diversion wildly far away from where I wanted to go! By this stage there was visible steam coming out of my ears!

I eventually sat down and did some work late afternoon - what a crazy day! Anyway I managed to find time to finalise two characters for a book I am illustrating at the moment. This is a really fun project, because it is all fantasy stuff, and so I can really use my imagination. Hopefully later this year I'll be able to share some of my work with you.