Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More pigs and Heath Robinson!

It is really weird and rather freudian that I should have shown you yesterday how to draw a pig when today I've got to do just that! Five pigs! But these five pigs have attitude and reflect their human counterparts. Yes it is another Agatha Christie novel in which I am illustrating the suspects for the magazine. Can any avid Christie reader out there work out the title of the book? If you can, send me a message. It's a really fun one to do, giving animals personalities is always interesting and can be quite a challenge too.

I may also be doing some more silhouetted work soon and this time it's a house, which makes me think of William Heath Robinson and his wonderful silhouettes of domestic mayhem and eccentricity. Here's a lovely Heath Robinson picture, which shows you exactly what I mean. If you would like to see more of his work, you must visit Isn't it beautiful?