Monday, 14 November 2011

Plus fours flourish!

Well sort of anyway...

Yes it's another Agatha Christie murder saga on its way. The editor said he was going to give me a break, but the illustrator he was using for the next issue, to use his words "has done a runner"! Luckily I can't run anymore, due to my MS, which is good for me because I got the commission instead - hurrah, hurrooh!

This one is marvellous. Set in 1934 with characters in Plus Fours and other country attire! We also have another heavily made-up vampish woman, a suspicious doctor and the handsome male with jutting chin and ear lobes that 'join his jaw'! 

So armed with my character descriptions I have been scouring the Internet and my fashion books for Plus Fours and found some wonderful photographs, and so here are some for you to look at. It is amazing really that anyone wore them, as they look really quite ridiculous.