Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oh woe is me!

I have had a strange day, dabbling in a new logo, which I don't like, but maybe the client will - what can you do? I have also prepared three more video bits for Videojug. Problem is this time round it's going to cost me money, because they want me to demonstrate oil painting techniques and not being one for oils that means I've got to buy a whole load of unnecessary materials, which I'll never use again and I'm not even being paid to shoot these videos! All a bit wrong really. This however will be the last time, unless they are willing to pay me something next time. I think I have been generous enough. 

Also been practising my French. Is it my imagination or has it just got even harder? Or maybe my cognitive abilities have got worse? Damned MS!

Here's some more videojug stuff: