Friday, 4 November 2011

Odd balls and sensible dogs...

I am beginning to learn a lot about Agatha Christie. For instance in each book she seems to get a little fixated with a particular character feature and then you find most of the people in that particular novel have that feature, like 'small suspicious eyes' or in the latest one, the opposite 'bulging, bulbous eyes and messy hair! It's quiet amusing really. This time it's set in 1936 and the only normal character in the bunch is the dog! You have two eccentric bohemian hippy-type sisters, a good candidate for Cruella de Ville, scatty crazed women, some very peculiar men and rather drab murderer! They are all quite good caricatures and even the way they are dressed is odd, (although in keeping with 1936!). I have to say it makes it far more fun for me though.

Am also getting to grips with Adobe illustrator this week as I have to create a logo in a vector format for a client! I am actually really enjoying it. I have created the logo from freestyle and then transformed it in Illustrator. It may not be the one they end up using, but I quite like it.

Here's one of the character's faces - an earlier version. I cannot share with you the final version. Not yet anyway!