Thursday, 10 November 2011

Magical creatures

I have been having fun today working on roughs for a book with magical, fantasy creatures of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, as per usual I cannot say too much about this project, but it is challenging and fun, and I am hoping as a result it will really develop my pencil style more and give me a whole portfolio of new work to show everyone! 

I have also been working on the logo again today, and took inspiration from feathers and erm, well BUCK TEETH, yep, buck teeth! Bet your curious now, huh? Well I'm sorry but I can't share this one with you either!

However I can share with you some more preparation i'm doing for Videojug. I'm really nervous about it this time, because I have not been able to put in enough time to prepare because I'm too busy, which means I won't be so relaxed and organised on the day, which is annoying!

Anyway, here is a sample of some more I have actually prepared!