Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Eccentrics and Cruella de Ville

Oh how I have neglected my blog - too busy that's why! 

Am now working on two art commissions, developing my new website, trying to get all my Christmas cards made for people and preparing for my next filming day at Videojug later this month! Phew! Not enough time in the day at present.

Anyway, here's a bit of a run-down. Am currently working on the latest Agatha Christie magazine and this one is GREAT! It's full of affected, eccentric characters, a cute dog and one suspect reminiscent of Cruella de Ville! So I am having a wonderful time. It's set in 1936 and so more research has been needed into costume, shoes and hairstyles - for both men and women of course.

The other project I am working on I have to be very discrete about, but the first part of the commission involves my getting to grips with a new software package I have no experience of using and so bit of a crash course required! 

Hopefully tomorrow I will share some of my preparation for Videojug for you, to give you a taster of what i've been asked to do.

See you tomorrow!