Monday, 17 October 2011

A toddler riot!

As you know, as well as my illustration work I also do story time sessions at nurseries! Well today's story time session descended into bedlam - quite literally! 

The children are all new intakes and so are only just three and therefore cannot concentrate for long, or on long books. You have to go with lift the flap and Maisie books really - even Kipper is too much! I had twenty-nine today, one kept on asking me if he could go home and kept pulling his trousers down, revealing his Spiderman underpants to everyone, a little girl need extricating from a very complex little coat, which descended into a scene from a Charlie Chaplin movie! Another little girl insisted on climbing all over me throughout and the rest just shouted a lot. I then just did lots of singing with them or should that be bellowing? Their favourite tune being the hairy scary castle, and then next anything that involves growling a lot and loudly! I came back and had a large cup of tea and collapsed in a heap.

More news on the art front tomorrow...