Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New website

Tomorrow I have a friend coming over that builds websites and he is going to help me with something I have been meaning to do for some time - redesigning my website! The one I have now, I built myself some time ago and it is a very basic website, but it works. However I feel it's time for a facelift and so hopefully in the New Year (can't believe I just used those two words), I'll have a new website! I am hoping to have lots of new features in my website, like a monthly 'news' page and possibly a shop too? Who knows it is very much at the developmental stage at the moment. I am hoping to have better categories for my artwork for people to search under, and it might be nice to have a follow option on my website, a bit like I have for my blog? 

In the meantime I am gradually getting my Christmas cards made and have quite a few yet to do! I wasn't expecting them to be quite so popular!

No crazy children today, just Agatha Christie to deal with - LOL!

Here's a hint from the last issue...