Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More murder and mayhem!

Well my posts are getting more blood curdling by the minute! Have just finished my last Agatha Christie story and am about to start on another - I shall get a reputation if this carry's on! The next one is a Miss Marple story. I feel I can tell you that much without giving much away.

This one has an interesting motley crew in it, including crusty colonels, batty bohemians, dippy dancers, and rich sugar daddies! Great stuff. 

I hope I get to draw St. Mary Mead as the background for this one, but probably there are more obvious interior scenes that would make more sense really! 

Also videojug have emailed a list of what they want me to do next, but some of their suggestions will cost me too much to do and physically take to their studio in central London, as the materials are very heavy and bulky. So, I need to make a few decisions there too!

At least life is never dull this way I guess...