Thursday, 27 October 2011

A techie day!

I am having a day off from doing artwork today and putting my techie head on, well trying to anyway! I have been giving a computer lesson this morning (another strong to my bow), and this afternoon I'm the pupil as I am being taught how to use a rather complicated database in order to build a new super-duper website!

Tomorrow it's Videojug preparation day. I need to start working out how I am going to do these twenty new videos - I must be mad!

in case you've forgotten - here is one of my previous videos:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The bodies are piling up!

Yes, you've guessed it I am still drawing suspects, red herrings and the odd innocent made to look like a suspect. This time it's the early nineteen forties and so I have been battling with 'victory rolls' - a popular hairstyle that came into fashion, because it was easier for wrens to place their hats securely on their heads over the 'victory roll'. You learn something new every day! 

Here are some of the lovely references I have found so far:

Great image of shoes and boots

This is from the V & A Museum, 
who have a great costume gallery

Monday, 24 October 2011

A piratical post

As I am still unable to share any of my Agatha Christie stuff with you, so I thought I would share a range of pirate pictures I've done over the years with you. Some are samples, others have been published in books, some of which have been non-fiction and others are what I would call activity craft books!

Friday, 21 October 2011

End of week news

I am having a very frustrating time with blogspot at the moment. I spent twenty minutes typing up a post, only to be thrown out, losing everything I typed. Not happy blogspot!

Yesterday I worked on my new website, well buying the new url and uploading the database that I will be using and other technical things way over my head. Luckily I had my good friend, Stefan here yesterday, who is a technical whizz and so I was in safe hands. It was all very tiring actually. My poor little grey cells were having to work overtime.

Also had to speak to the editor of the Agatha magazine about changes to characters I hadn't quite nailed. Have now though and so everything has been approved. Here's a few hints...

Thursday, 20 October 2011

iPOD or not to iPOD

Well I've had a stressful twenty-four hours! Thought I'd lost my iPOD! I use it more than my mobile phone, so you can imagine how I felt when I thought I'd lost the damn thing. Thing is MS makes you very absent-minded - who am I again? It turned up in my make-up bag of all places! Of course you really wanted to know all that, didn't you - NOT!

I am back on Facebook again and if you want to find me just search under Lyn Stone-Illustrator and I'll come up! I'm having a day off today from doing artwork, as I need to concentrate on re-working my dated website. I also have so much new work that needs to be loaded up too, as I have been rather busy just recently, although as usual not all of it can be shown yet until the magazines are out there selling in the bookshops and newsagents!

This is how I felt (and probably looked) last night when I'd lost my iPOD!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New website

Tomorrow I have a friend coming over that builds websites and he is going to help me with something I have been meaning to do for some time - redesigning my website! The one I have now, I built myself some time ago and it is a very basic website, but it works. However I feel it's time for a facelift and so hopefully in the New Year (can't believe I just used those two words), I'll have a new website! I am hoping to have lots of new features in my website, like a monthly 'news' page and possibly a shop too? Who knows it is very much at the developmental stage at the moment. I am hoping to have better categories for my artwork for people to search under, and it might be nice to have a follow option on my website, a bit like I have for my blog? 

In the meantime I am gradually getting my Christmas cards made and have quite a few yet to do! I wasn't expecting them to be quite so popular!

No crazy children today, just Agatha Christie to deal with - LOL!

Here's a hint from the last issue...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wimps and starlets...

This week I am working on another Agatha Christie magazine issue! This one is set in the early 1940s and is full of would-be starlets, dancers and well wimps really! So I have gone from drawing beefy Bolsheviks to weedy mummy's boys! Can't actually say which Agatha Christie novel it is, not yet anyway! I am just at rough stage at the moment, next week I will have to complete the finished artwork. I get just under two weeks to do each issue, which is working out OK for me.

I thought I share with you today my ghost story finished artwork sample, which I am quite pleased with for once!

Monday, 17 October 2011

A toddler riot!

As you know, as well as my illustration work I also do story time sessions at nurseries! Well today's story time session descended into bedlam - quite literally! 

The children are all new intakes and so are only just three and therefore cannot concentrate for long, or on long books. You have to go with lift the flap and Maisie books really - even Kipper is too much! I had twenty-nine today, one kept on asking me if he could go home and kept pulling his trousers down, revealing his Spiderman underpants to everyone, a little girl need extricating from a very complex little coat, which descended into a scene from a Charlie Chaplin movie! Another little girl insisted on climbing all over me throughout and the rest just shouted a lot. I then just did lots of singing with them or should that be bellowing? Their favourite tune being the hairy scary castle, and then next anything that involves growling a lot and loudly! I came back and had a large cup of tea and collapsed in a heap.

More news on the art front tomorrow...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Creepy graveyards...

Well today my rough has been approved and I'm moving on to the finished artwork tomorrow! Busy day today!

I thought you might like to see the finished rough today, which I can share with you as it is just a sample piece. I'm afraid the rough is cobbled together on my wee scanner and then digitally jigsawed in Photoshop and so it isn't brilliant, but you can get the general idea - I hope!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ghost stories...

I have been having great fun today working on a sample, and as I have lots of samples of nice things like fairies and cute dogs, I thought I needed something a little creepier and so have gone for a scene from an English ghost story!

It's set in a graveyard (of course) with a creepy twisted old tree, old and broken gravestones, with a sinister church and naturally a big harvest moon, lighting the scene. Lovely...

I have set the scene four hundred years ago too, just for the fun of it and hopefully can share a rough with you soon.

Here's a very rough preliminary sketch that in part ended up in my latest rough.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More murder and mayhem!

Well my posts are getting more blood curdling by the minute! Have just finished my last Agatha Christie story and am about to start on another - I shall get a reputation if this carry's on! The next one is a Miss Marple story. I feel I can tell you that much without giving much away.

This one has an interesting motley crew in it, including crusty colonels, batty bohemians, dippy dancers, and rich sugar daddies! Great stuff. 

I hope I get to draw St. Mary Mead as the background for this one, but probably there are more obvious interior scenes that would make more sense really! 

Also videojug have emailed a list of what they want me to do next, but some of their suggestions will cost me too much to do and physically take to their studio in central London, as the materials are very heavy and bulky. So, I need to make a few decisions there too!

At least life is never dull this way I guess...

Monday, 10 October 2011

Phew! What a busy day

Well today I have been working on the Agatha Christie project! All the suspects from another one of her amazing novels! I had to do the whole lot in shades of grey. So I have been spending all day coming up with as many different greys as I could with odd splash of red (on a couple of ties) and blue. This time I have had to do eleven characters, two are the hero and heroine of the book and the rest definitely look like a lot of red herrings with one murderer hiding amongst them!

As you know I can't share any of my sketches or colour artwork for any of these yet, as they are not yet in the shops! So I can only share with you some of the references I have been using for this project and from them see if you can guess the novel...tough one I know!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Videojug returns!

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging much this week, but I have been very busy working and meeting deadlines, and it is just as bad next week! 

I received a call from Videojug in the week. Apparently my videos are getting so many hits on their website that they want me to do another series of videos with them, hopefully in November, if I can squeeze it in that is! So eventually I'll have some more videos to share with you at some point!

Just a short post today as I have now got to draw a heroine and hero for the Agatha Christie magazine!

See you all Monday!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I so wish I could share this project with you...

Have had great fun today with the next Agatha Christie magazine issue, but alas am unable to reveal too much as usual! However I can hint a wee bit. Have had great fun drawing, well thugs really. Lots of square-jawed, pugnacious-looking bruisers! Hilarious! This time the period is 1919, and so a completely different set of costumes, hats, shoes and hairstyles again. I thought I'd share with you today some of the images I have found that have proved good references for costume and hairstyles. It's all the men today and tomorrow I start sketching the lady suspects!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Someone stop the world spinning so fast, please!

Very quick post today, because I am manically busy. Today I have crammed in a story time nursery visit and preparing for 'stay and play' session tomorrow, doing concept character sketches for something else, working out characters for the next Agatha Christie magazine, oh and doing my French homework! I don't have time to eat tonight I'm so busy! Also got to do my usual exercise regime too at some point. Enough! 

Ta, ta...