Monday, 26 September 2011

Pratiquer le français et l'art d'aujourd'hui

Erm, in other words I have been practising my French and doing artwork today for 'Sleeping Murder'. 

For my French I am now learning about asking and giving directions to places and buildings and am thoroughly enjoying it, because for some strange reason I enjoy looking at maps - weird I know! On the art front one half of the spread is complete, just the other half to do today and tomorrow. Wednesday's my deadline and so I've got plenty of time on this one. 

Then I have got to get started on working out the wonderfully described characters for this fantasy book. I can't wait, the characters are so wonderfully created by the writer and full of humour. I should be able to let my imagination go wild on this one and invent all sorts of gadgets and interesting fantastical clothing for all the characters to wear. They will be something along the lines of my goblins and fairy work for older children, you've seen them before, but as a reminder I have popped in two samples below, so you can see what I mean. The client also wants me to use my pencil style, which is very labour intensive and takes a long time, but for me it is the most satisfying of all my work!