Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Je suis désolé, après la fin!

Yes, it was my French class tonight and so I did not have time to blog earlier. Also this week has gone nuts! 

Tomorrow I'm off to a children's farm in Epsom for a meeting about a book I will be illustrating full of Goblins and fantastical creatures. I'm still busy with Agatha Christie artwork, and now I am going to be working on some sort of, well I think they're called 'concept' drawings for an advertising agency, and that's a first for me and a bit of a departure from children's books! But then I have done a pub sign/logo recently! 

I will tell you more about the book project tomorrow when I know a little more...

Here's a teaser for the Agatha Christie - can only show you a sketch of one of the characters pet dog!