Friday, 9 September 2011

Hotch potch

Thank you for all the orders for cards that have come in so far - I am very grateful and pleased that my mice have gone down so well this year!

I will hopefully be working on a new project soon for a rather unusual client - certainly not the publishing industry anyway, but it is for a children's book. Hopefully I'll have more details soon. To give you a taster, the first meeting is taking place in a children's farm in Epsom! I think that is probably the oddest place I have met people for a meeting, but I think it's going to be great fun actually. As usual I can't give too much away, as that would be unfair to the client.

And finally watch out for those TV ads soon for a new Agatha Christie magazine, which I have contributed to. My first appearance is in issue five! Hopefully I will be getting another brief shortly from the editor, and so more red herrings coming. Once issue five is in the shops I can then share the artwork with you, as it will be in the public domain, as it were!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!