Thursday, 29 September 2011

Good news!

Well I have had so much disappointment lately that it is nice to have had some good news today. 

By disappointment I'm referring to the fiasco with a publisher and the likely white elephant in the form of a meeting I had last week. The minute my client knew I had an agent, everything changed. Suddenly everything I was doing was "merely speculative and based on those I may or may not be chosen". Those words were not uttered at any stage of the meeting at all. Quite the opposite actually; much enthusiasm about everything they wanted me to do. To say my enthusiasm for the whole character sketching thing has died would be an understatement. 

Anyway after that rant the good news! The editor of the magazine was so pleased with my work yesterday, he is giving me the next issue to do too. Bit of a tight turn around, but I'm getting used to that. This one is full of Bolshevik types - more on that tomorrow! Also if I work hard, there may be something in the pipeline with another publisher.

Anyway, here's any angry dude that represents my feelings about unreliable clients!