Friday, 26 August 2011

X-Factor for illustrators

Sorry I disappeared yesterday, but I just simply didn't get round to posting. Having a week off from art at the moment, as I've just finished the illustrators equivalent of X-Factor! In other words I have just completed a whole load of free work, just on the possibility I might get the golden pot commission at the end. The downside is I am competing with two other artists, who I am sure are very talented and professional! It is a hard life! I won't know I've got anywhere until this time next week. I was the first to submit my work, which isn't necessarily a good thing, I just work quickly. I wish I could share some of the sketches with you, but can't until I know whether I am a complete failure or a success! I have to say that more often than not these speculative ventures do not work out and so I am less than hopeful if I am honest.

But on a happier note, here's today's VideoJug, how to for you...