Monday, 8 August 2011

Top secret artwork

Today I am working on roughs for another new project for my agent. This one is all very hush, hush and so I can't say very much about it, which is frustrating! Hopefully I can share some artwork with you later on. Also I don't want to say anything yet, in case I put 'the mockers' on it! Just lately every time I've blogged about something, it has then promptly fallen through! So this time you will have to wait until I am on safer ground with this potentially huge project! 

I'll give you some clues: it is picture book in format and involves anamorphic animals - hence last week's sample. One difference though, it won't be in black and white after all, but colour!

Will share some artwork with you tomorrow. A private commission of two cats (done in my cartoon style) for someone.