Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fun artwork!

This week I am taking a week off from freelance stuff to get started on my Christmas cards! Yes I know that sounds early, but it actually takes me a while to make them, bearing in mind I produce all the artwork to start with, so everything is made from scratch! I already have two bulk orders this year, from of all places - Twitter! A couple of my followers, who also follow my blog want to place orders for cards this year. I will be publishing up the designs on my blog and on Facebook, and so anyone interested in ordering any can. Just got to remember how much a charged - I know it was very reasonable, because I think it is silly to charge too much for Christmas cards really. Hopefully I may be in a position to share some of artwork with you here tomorrow, if I work really hard that is! Some of you may remember the pencil sketches I published a few months ago of this year's designs, but for those that can't remember, here they are again. I'm two designs short though and so need to come up with two more!