Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What no art?

Well, well, nobody can have read my post yesterday, that makes me sad...

Here we go again, as well as publishing my artwork I thought for a change it would be nice to post some of my followers work - including my agent if he's reading this! I thought I could do a followers gallery exhibition post - just for fun! If you want to submit your children's artwork, then do! Just either tweet me, Facebook me, make a comment here, then I will then get back to you with my email address for you to send artwork! So why wait, send me your artwork - that's you too Sarah (you know who you are...).

Here's a piece of artwork I did for Oxford University Press, rendered in coloured inks and an old fashioned dip mapping pen! I love adding cats or any animals for that matter wherever possible.

Life drawing tonight and so see some new images tomorrow on my blog!