Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Drawing in a nightclub

I think I have recovered from last night, just about! 

My trusty Ipod got my friend Ann and I to 50 Dean Street, Soho - venue for the burlesque life drawing! A couple of problems. First the Happy Hour was no Happy Hour! I went to buy a bottle of cider and was told it was £4.50 - yeah, right, I'm laughing out load, great Happy Hour! Secondly it was more like drawing in a nightclub. The music was so loud that Tony (the guy from the Life Drawing Society) had to shout out instructions to us at the top of his voice. It was completely nuts and not conducive to doing any good artwork. 

I now know that I am also not a fan of drawing burlesque models. I prefer drawing nudes. For the first half of the evening she wore an Emerald green dress and black bower, but it meant you could not really see her form. In the second part she wore nipple tassels and a bra that wasn't one and black g-string, tassled knickers, which meant you could see more. It was then I noticed the fake breasts - ugh! i'm sure she is very proud of them and they cost her a fortune, but I prefer drawing real ones. Trying to avoid making them look like two footballs glued to her torso was tough, really tough.

Well I said I share the results and so here they are. Most of the drawings I did last night were pants - hardly surprising under the circumstances!