Monday, 4 July 2011

Can miracles happen?

I have had a funny day today really. A completely mad story time session today with some completely out of control three year olds. Oh dear, three year old boys are a nightmare when together! I had them roaring, mooing, howling, clucking along to the stories today - a complete manic din! Oh and lets not forget doing frog impressions - crazy jumping everywhere, all thirty of them!

You're thinking what has that got to do with miracles? Well my agent has been in touch too and reckons he can set up a meeting with my favourite publisher in London with my portfolio and get some sort of deal struck. Well I'll eat my hat with ketchup if he can pull this one off, I really will. It sounds exciting, but I won't hold my breath just yet. I will keep you posted on developments!

I am also heading off to life drawing again this week in Camden (where I managed to leave my walking stick and so I have no choice, I have to go back). Hopefully after this Tuesday up until September I'll be able to attend the Dean Street venue in Soho, which is closure to home for me. Will post some results on Thursday for you.

Talking of naughty boys, here's a cartoon picture of my nephew, Finley!