Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bonne soirée tous les..

It is my last French class this evening until September and hopefully if they get enough people book up I will be able to do level two next year. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning a second language. It has been quite a challenge, as some of the sounds that you have to make in French, like rolling your Rs in the back of the throat is practically impossible if you're English. We just do not make that sort of sound. In the same way it is very difficult for a French person to make a 'TH' sound, instead they usually make a 'Z' sound also it is hard for them to sound their Hs! I find it all fascinating.

But back to art, which is what all this blog is about. I am always showing pieces of my artwork on this blog and wondered if it would make a nice change if a few of my followers would like to send me jpegs of their own artwork, which I can add to a post later this week? You can send me anything and we can have a mini exhibition, which would be fun - and that includes my agent if he's reading this post! Children's artwork is most welcome too!