Friday, 24 June 2011

Captain Jake Rattlebones...

I have been spending the last few days preparing for a lecture I am giving at Beckenham Library next week on 29th June, as part of the BecFest festival and it is all about illustrating. I have been sifting through old projects, original artwork I am going to take with me and have been putting together a PowerPoint presentation, which I thought was the easiest way to show everyone a range of my work.

I have also managed to find a couple of paper engineer models that have been sent to me for various projects I have worked on, as I think people are interested in the processes behind producing a book.

As a result of sifting through old projects I found a series of sketches that I did for the Kingfisher book 'Open Access: Pirates'. I had to do a lot of historical research for them and so the flintlock pistol and sword, Captain Jake Rattlebones is wearing are the real thing from that period. Thought I would share some of the artwork with you today.