Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wow - I haven’t blogged yet

What a made day! First I had to reduce a picture of Wayne Rooney to 35mm slide size, then photocopy it onto acetate, ready to mount in a 35mm frame. My nephew want’s his arty Auntie to paint Wayne Rooney in his bedroom wall, and so I’m going to project an outline of him onto the wall and then do the the rest myself.
Then I had a whole load of my French to catch up on. This week it was all about ‘je voudrais une tarte aux pomme,  s'il vous plaît?’ in other words how to go into a shop and ask for something in French. Quite good fun, we all took turns pretending to be shopkeepers! 
Anyway, art wise I was sorting through my plan chest the other day and came across some cartoon images of my nephew I did a while ago, with the intention of using them for a book idea I had. He pulls the most wonderful faces, which I’ve used here: