Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday art...

Hello everyone

I'm sorry I haven't blogged so much this week - a combination of contrary reasons. Firstly my MS reared it's ugly head and has been playing havoc with my eyes, making any computer work a little hard for me. I am now on steroids, which I hope will help. Secondly I have had my head in a book I simply could not put down, The crimson petal and the white, by Michael Faber. A masterpiece if you ask me! Set during the 19th century the story follows the exploits of Sugar, an intelligent and intriguing prostitute determined to better her life any way she can. There are a whole host of wonderfully penned characters. You must read it.

Today I am going to be colouring-up two body-paint designs, ready for next Saturday's photo-shoot. Unfortunately the designs are top secret and so I'm under orders not to show them to anyone on 'pain of death'!

I will therefore share with you some other pieces of artwork that I didn't do for any particular project, but just for fun and are based on a cat and a dog owned by a friend of mine.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!