Thursday, 12 May 2011

Oxford University Press

Somehow I managed to completely forget to blog anything yesterday! I blame time. It must have speeded up while I was otherwise engaged until the day had gone. Actually no, it's all that Einstein's fault!
I haven’t posted much artwork this week and so thought I ought to today. Over the years I have done all sorts of weird and wonderful pictures for OUP - Oxford University Press. Some of the oddest include baby giants in nappies, sea monsters, the gunpowder plot, genies in bottles and a whole cartoon book about the great fire of London. All this was rendered using conventional methods: pencil, paint, ink and paper.
On one occasion however they wanted everything rendered digitally, even though strictly speaking I am not a digital artist. I am happy to rise to a challenge and ended up working on two books for the English Language department and I thought i would share some of the results with you today.

These two are taken from a set of twelve for months of the year

This one has a strange blank space to the bottom-right. 
That's where a speech bubble appeared in the book.