Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Christmas designs already - ideas please!

I know it’s perversely early, but it is this time of year I think about Christmas cards designs, before my book work comes in. Every year I produce a set of illustrations for Christmas cards, which traditionally have gone out to clients, family and friends, but for the first time last year, I also sold sets of cards! Why? Because I was asked to sell them! So I have decided I am going to do the same again this year.
Last year my designs included a fairy winter scene, a dragon dressed up as Santa and some dog and cat designs. Now this year I would like some suggestions from YOU! Yes now I’m blogging I thought why not, let’s get some suggestions from my followers. What would you like me to try and draw this year? I dare you to come up with some fabulous ideas for me. I will of course blog the results right here!
Here is a selection of last year’s designs: