Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bromley Literary Festival

I have mentioned before that on the 29th June I am giving a talk at Beckenham Library on being an illustrator. Well now I have been asked to be a judge for their Write All Over Bromley competition. There is an art competition and it is that I will be judging! 
Here are some details: The theme is my fantasy library - it could be in a strange location e.g. in space, in a different time or have magical elements! I’ve got to choose the winner! Unfortunately the day they announce the winners at a special presentation, I am coming back from Hereford and so as soon as I get back to my station, I've got to jump in a cab and head over to the event - phew!
There will be a press release in the papers about it next week in which I’ll be mentioned! Could be fun this! Here’s a link that tells you more about it: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!