Friday, 20 May 2011

Bonsoir monsieur et madame

I’ve gone Française over the last vingt-quatre heures, practising un peu! My good friend @FrenchTweacher on twitter has been skyping with me today to help with one or two issues! You never know if I get good enough at it I may be able to work with a French publisher one day, which would be fun I’m sure! 
As I didn’t receive any comments yesterday I am assuming you’ve all chickened out of having a go at how to draw a Chinese dragon yesterday! 
So I thought today I would do this step by step thing from a different perspective. Maybe you would be interested to see some of the steps I go through from rough to finished artwork on a project?
So here are some of the steps I took with the Child in Time book - the other Bologna book fair project.
Step 1: You get a brief - sometimes very sketchy and so play around with some ideas:


Step 2: Sometimes you have to concentrate a little more on getting the character of the figure right and so work on a portrait sketch.

Step 3: One idea get’s chosen, but often needs much work on it to tweak it for the client

Step 4: Even at finish colour stage there maybe last minute changes that need to be made. It isn’t over to the fat lady sings!

Avoir un beau week-end! Au revoir!