Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The bitter taste of disappointment

I had some bad news yesterday. Apparently the dummy book I did for Templar Publishing (my favourite publisher) failed at the Bologna and London book fairs. They are trying to get feedback from the sales team at the moment, but it is thought that the format, story idea, novelty features and unfortunately the illustrations all combined did not have appeal. Bit of a blow really, but unfortunately this happens quite a lot. For every book that get’s published, there are probably two or three that fail to gain interest and are never seen!
My agent feels I did not get anywhere near enough art direction on the project, i.e. colour palette to use, type of content, detailing on little girl, etc., and feels that it isn’t entirely down to the artwork that the project failed. 
On a brighter note I can however now share the artwork for this book with you and you can  let me know what YOU think. So here is the first piece: