Monday, 2 May 2011

Art tip of the week - the ABC of colour

I am posting early today because later I am working with another artist and the photographer Sue Greetham on designs for our planned body painting of pregnant ladies! We hope to come up with lots of great designs today.
As it is Monday, it is time for me to post my art tip of the week, and continuing with the theme of colour I wanted to find a simple list that uses all the terminology to describe colour, and rather than re-invent the wheel I found a comprehensive list readily available on the Internet and so here it is below. Now if you find this of interest, copy and past it:

Achromatic--lacking colour, neutral; gray, white or black
Basic palette--based on red, yellow, blue or magenta, yellow cyan primaries
Colour scheme--a logical relationship of colours on the colour wheel
Dominance--having larger colour area or brighter colour for emphasis
Earth colour--low intensity colour created from natural earths or synthetic equivalents
Fugitive colour--colour that fades or changes over a short period of time
Granulation--sedimentary or settling characteristic of pigment
Hue--the name of a colour (red, yellow, blue, etc.)
Intensity--purity or brightness of a colour; sometimes called chroma or saturation
Juxtapose--place colours side by side for contrast
Key-- high key: light-to-middle values; low key: middle-to-dark values; full contrast: complete value range from light to dark
Local colour--actual colour of an object
Movement--direction: horizontal (serene), vertical (stable) or diagonal (energetic)
Neutral--gray, white or black
Opacity--covering power of pigment
Primary colours--colours that can't be mixed--red, yellow blue, magenta, cyan
Reflected colour--coloured light that bounces from a surface and falls on a surface nearby
Split Primaries--two of each primary colour used to create bright mixtures
Temperature--the warmth or coolness of a colour (red-orange is warmest, blue-green is coolest)
Unity--the purpose of design, when everything is working
Value--light to dark range of a colour
Wheel--circular arrangement of colours used in colour theory and selection