Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Parlez vous Français? Oui, un peu...

Yes, I had my French lesson last night and now we are learning directions (where people live) and also descriptions of where you live, like ‘bruyant’ busy, ‘ancien’ old and animé ‘animated/lively’! So most of the lesson was verbal last night and when it came to place names a verbal mess at that, because most of us did not know how to pronounce most of the towns, villages and regions, unless it was a wine region and then we got it straight away (what does that say about us, I wonder?). Anyway in order to aid my French I am attempting to read two children’s books all in French, ‘Asterix goes to Britain’ and ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. Just in the first paragraph of Fantastic Mr. Fox I came across three different spellings for ‘were’ and thought “oh, god I have bitten off way more than I can chew here”, but that’s me all over! 
Changing the subject today’s artwork are a couple of card designs I did for Heritage Art Papers, these sell all over the country and in Scottish National Trust shops! I may be doing some sample pieces for them again later this year for possible sale through Avon catalogues - you know the cosmetics company? Hope you enjoy them.