Thursday, 21 April 2011

My day filming in London

Well what a fun day I've had in Clerkenwell today, filming at Video Jug's studio! I have to say I have never been on camera before and was quite unsure what to expect at first, but luckily for me if talking was an Olympic sport, I would be a Gold Medalist! I talked my way through each video quite contentedly! The cameraman actually said I was a natural presenter! Good grief! The only down-side was that I thought that only my hands would ever get filmed and then right at the end they made me sit facing the camera and I had to give a little speech about myself. I am hardly photogenic and so goodness knows what I looked like!

I had to do twenty videos all about drawing different things from waves and curly hair, through to elves and Chinese dragons! Phew - what an artistic marathon!

I already have my own profile on their site, but the actual videos won't be available to view for another seven weeks everyone and so I won't be posting any or links to their site for some time yet!