Friday, 8 April 2011

London book fair

Well next week it’s London's turn to hold an international book fair that all the publishers, agents and other people in the industry attend! So will be two projects I have illustrated for two different publishers. They were at the Bologna book fair too, the major children’s book fair that I hope to get to one year. Fingers crossed both projects will be successful and will result in quite a lot of work for me! I’m afraid I can’t share any of the artwork with you until I know whether the projects have been successful or not. This is how publishers do a lot of their business these days, very few publish speculatively. Publishers will get an idea for a children’s book, approach a writer and an artist and get both to work on a dummy book for the book fair. A dummy book usually consists of a sample jacket and sample spread. The sales team at the book fair then try to generate interest in the idea and hopefully get a sale, and if they get it they go ahead with the book, if not it’s sad faces all round! 
Keep your fingers crossed for me x