Thursday, 7 April 2011

I’m out there in the universe!

Have had an interesting day so far. This morning I decided to join Jacket Flap on-line, as quite a few illustrators and publishers are on there. Then I checked Google to see how quickly it would appear and ‘shock- horror’ I found links to reviews about me, reviews about the books I’ve illustrated and websites I didn’t even know I was on! I had no idea there was so much about ‘me’ out there - gasp - bit daunting really! 
I also met up with fellow twitter-holic, Sarah Hurley today for a coffee and cake in Central London. A fellow illustrator and fantastical designer - check out her entertaining blog: click here

Twitter is great! You meet all these amazing people that you could never meet, because they’re all round the world, but as Sarah lives not too far from me, I thought we must meet!  Although a trip to Sicily to visit fellow tweeter Agata or even L.A. would be great!