Monday, 11 April 2011

Illustration Cupboard - artwork of Janet Ahlberg

Had a great weekend. On Saturday met an old colleague and friend in central London and we went to see an exhibition at the Illustration Cupboard. An art gallery in Bury Street that specialises in exhibiting the artwork of illustrators. It is a lovely little gallery and well worth a visit if you are interested in the artwork of children’s illustrators. We went to see Peepo! The picture books of Janet and Alan Ahlberg. I had no idea that Janet worked in such a tremendously small scale. The detail was incredible and her observation of babies and children was delightful. Every image is jam-packed full of small detail, humour and fun. Later this year there will be an exhibition of Chris Wormell’s work, which I am keen to see, which is his pastel and watercolour work. 
Sunday I spent practising again for my on-line TV day with Video Jug. Apparently their studios are in Clerkenwell, and so once again I am in London this month!