Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Greetings to you all!

Well I’ve had a funny day really! Haven’t had time to work on body paint designs yet unfortunately - too many appointments and so hopefully I will be posting something up about that tomorrow (maybe the first design....).
As well as children’s books I have had the opportunity to dabble a little in greetings cards artwork. In fact I regularly illustrate for Heritage Art Papers, and apparently my card designs sell in all the Scottish National Trust shops, which is curious. Long way to go to see them if you happen to live in London, but apparently they sell all over the place! Most of the artwork I do for them is animal based: dippy ponies, wacky dogs and weird wetland animals. Every now and then I get to do something more wacky and it is the wacky I want to share with you today: from baby dragons to crazy reindeers!