Friday, 15 April 2011

Buster Books - boys annual

I was so busy and ill yesterday that I didn’t get round to posting on my blog. First one I’ve missed so far and so sorry about that! Rather than give you an art tip today I thought I would share some artwork with you I did for Buster Books in 2010 for the Boys Annual 2010! I think I ended up doing about 189 illustrations for the project and so was kept very busy indeed. They had me drawing things like ‘the discovery of Tutankhamun’, ‘the most dangerous insects in the world’ to ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘super heroes’. All good fun! 
Here are a few pieces from that book, which I hope you will enjoy. I am hoping to be posting some news next week from Bologna and the London book fair, I am just hoping that it isn’t bad news! I hope everyone has a great weekend and that I can top coughing soon!