Sunday, 6 March 2011

Last two images for Bologna book fair

J'ai un rhume! 

Not a good way to start the day - sore throat and runny nose - eugh!

Today I am working on the last two spot illustrations for a promotional book going to Bologna. I seem to do promotional stuff for publishers this time of year for the book fairs. Obviously they, like me are hoping they will be successful and then I get the opportunity to work on a series, which is always very satisfying!

The illustrations today are minuscule in size and so I will be using wee little brushes and lots of patience! 

Then everything has got to be professionally scanned (not by me on my dinky-toy scanner) and whizzed off through cyber-space on Tuesday. I can then sigh with relief for a while.

Changing the subject, I had a lucky night last night. My elderly parents twisted my arm and got me to go to - this will ruin my image - bingo last night. Guess what? I won twice AND one a hamper in the raffle. Like that never happens to me dudes and dudettes, it really doesn't!

Hope you all have a great Sunday... This image is for Fuzzybutt - he knows who he is...