Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I smell of hot chocolate!

Had to do a story time visit yesterday at a local nursery. The children are between three and four years old. The theme was tigers and so as you can imagine there was a great deal of excitement and lots of ROARING! If you ever have to do a story time session with a large group of three to four year olds, I find putting a few songs in between the stories keeps up their interest. We had a few tiger songs too I had made up, which meant they could ROAR even more! Two little boys, who are obviously firm friends were little monkeys all the way through, but decided at the end to give me a big hug! One of them then said to me “you smell of hot chocolate” I then had two little noses busily sniffing my neck! I sat there thinking, thank goodness I’ve been CRB checked! At least it was hot chocolate and not something worse I guess...?