Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A funny day

Well I had my French class last night and so had a barrage of new words to learn. What I want to know is, can the brain leak? No sooner do you learn something new, when something old sneaks out the back door!

Am busy stretching watercolour paper today in preparation to do this new artwork. For those who do not know what stretching involves, you need a large flat board (wooden), paper tape, a large absorbent cloth or towel, a bath of cold water and of course the paper! You soak the paper in the water (having torn off lengths of paper tape first, which I leave soaking in the sink or certainly under a tap ready). You then drain off the excess water place the paper on the board. You now move very quickly! Place the absorbent cloth over the top and suck up more of that water. Then place the wet tape down - super quick - all around the paper, effectively taping it down onto the board. You need to do this before the paper starts to crinkle up too much! It will crinkle a bit whilst drying, but it should dry as flat as an ice rink. Once stretched you can throw as much water, ink and paint at it as you like and it will dry as flat as the proverbial pancake (not as tasty though...). Yes, I'm sure you really wanted to know all that, um no!

Here is today's artwork for you. It is a rough sketch for a range of pictures i did all about Goblins: