Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed...!

Well that's good! My viking artwork has been signed off today and all are happy. I enjoyed working on that one far more than the Greek boy, but maybe I was finding my feet with that one.

Now it's fingers, toes and eyes crossed that all my projects will not be in vain and the publishers will be successful with my art contributions at the big annual children's book fair in Bologna. The earliest I'll get any feedback will be April.

Now I can get on with a sample image I have been meaning to do, which came out of the Greek boy roughs - when he's done I can publish him on-line, so you can take a look! All I'll say is that it involves a cat playing, which will please Isabel, a.k.a. @FrenchTweacher on twitter (great lady by the way).

Au revoir!